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The European Union (EU)
4 million km², 446 million inhabitants

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New UK Border rules

Major changes on the way goods and people are moving through Great Britain entry points.
Instant Access To Guidance - The Border Operating Model
EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement
After intensive negotiations, the European Commission has reached an Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the United Kingdom. The Trade and Cooperation Agreement, effective on 01 January 2021, consists of three main pillars.

The agreement covers not just trade in goods and services, but also a broad range of other areas in the EU's interest, such as investment, competition, State aid, tax transparency, air and road transport, energy and sustainability, fisheries, data protection, and social security coordination.


The Trade and Cooperation Agreement establishes a new framework for law enforcement and judicial cooperation in criminal and civil law matters. It recognises the need for strong cooperation between national police and judicial authorities, in particular for fighting and prosecuting cross-border crime and terrorism. It builds new operational capabilities, taking account of the fact that the UK, as a non-EU member outside of the Schengen area, will not have the same facilities as before. The security cooperation can be suspended in case of violations by the UK of its commitment for continued adherence to the European Convention of Human Rights and its domestic enforcement.


To give maximum legal certainty to businesses, consumers and citizens, a dedicated chapter on governance provides clarity on how the agreement will be operated and controlled. It also establishes a Joint Partnership Council, who will make sure the Agreement is properly applied and interpreted, and in which all arising issues will be discussed.

Major Post-Brexit Regulatory Events
Since 1 January 2021 - the end of transition period with the European Union (EU) - the United Kingdom (UK) operates a full, external border as a sovereign nation. This means that controls are placed on the movement of goods between Great Britain (GB) and the EU.

From January 2021: Traders importing standard goods, covering everything from clothes to electronics, need to prepare for basic customs requirements, such as keeping sufficient records of imported goods. Traders also need to consider how they account for and pay VAT on imported goods.[...] Standard customs declarations are needed from this date for controlled goods and excise goods like alcohol and tobacco products...


From April 2021: All products of animal origin (POAO) – for example meat, honey, milk or egg products – and all regulated plants and plant products require pre-notification and the relevant health documentation. Any physical checks continue to be conducted at the point of destination until July 2021...


From July 2021: Traders moving any goods make full customs declarations at the point of importation and pay relevant tariffs. Full Safety and Security declarations are required, while commodities subject to sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) controls have to be presented to BCPs, and be subject to an increase in physical checks and the taking of samples...

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Seven commercial SARS-CoV-2 rapid point-of-care antigen tests were compared with regard to the analytical sensitivity and specificity.

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