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UK REACH Compliance

Best course of action for achieving full UK REACH compliance
UK REACH Summary
Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & Restriction of CHemicals (REACH)
Timestamp: 01 January 2021

UK REACH is in full force

On 01 January 2021, the UK REACH regulation entered into force in Great Britain. GB-based companies must comply with the UK REACH registration obligations should they manufacture or import substances that are subject to UK REACH registration requirements, at 1 tonne/year or more, as such, or as mixtures. Non GB-based manufacturing/formulating companies must register substances placed on the GB market via an Only Representative operating in the UK.

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UK REACH Grandfathering
STEP 1: Notify HSE
2021 HSE deadlines

¤ Grandfathering deadline

¤ Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN)

GB-based holders of existing EU REACH registrations need to complete the ‘grandfathering’ process by providing basic information to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) by 30 April 2021.

GB-based companies that were downstream users or distributors prior to the end of the transition period, under EU REACH, become importers from 01 January 2021, as UK REACH enters into force. Downstream users and distributors under EU REACH must notify The Agency (HSE) regarding the substances that they wish to continue importing into GB.

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UK REACH compliance
STEP 2: Full Registration
Tonnage band deadlines

¤ Tonnage criteria and substances deemed hazardous

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UK REACH Only-Representative DUTY
UK REACH Assistance
Appointing Your UK REACH Representative
HSE REACH Regulatory Service

Reach out for B-Lands Consulting

Through our UK based office, we provide full REACH Only Representative (OR) service for entities based outside the UK to meet UK REACH obligations with regard to the continous placing of substances, or chemical products, on the GB market. We also offer regulatory assistance to any UK based entity.

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