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Consultancy Services on BREXIT

Essential services to smooth the impact of BREXIT
Basic Services Portfolio
# Service Scope Brief Description Comments
1 Helpdesk & Regulatory Support on Brexit - Transition Period Measures - Understand all aspects on how Brexit affects you, now and for the forseable future
- Make the most of the UK-EU trade agreements
- Bring your products onto the EU market
- Move swiftly your products through the UK-EU border
- etc.
Seasoned experts are keeping abreast with the latest evolutions underlying UK’s ongoing relationship with the European Union. Providing in the process, effective point to point robust trade solutions or transitional workarounds.
2 Measures for addressing effectively the impact of Brexit on Chemicals and the supply the chain After the end of the transition period, EU legislation will no longer apply to the UK. Compliance provisions granted to UK-based companies will no longer exist. As a UK-based entity, you will need to appoint an EU-based representative before the end of the transition period. If downstream users depend on compliance provisions granted to an UK entity, they will no longer be allowed to place such product on the market. Products & Supply chain assessments.
3 Acting as your EU based Representative - under a temporary status or permanently Only an EU-based company can register a substance under the REACH Regulation. If your company is based in the UK and has registered a substance under REACH, the registration will only exist until the end of the transition period. If you want to continue doing business in the EU/EEA after the transition period ends, you have the option of appointing an only representative based in EU to manage your registrations. Under the BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation), substance or product suppliers of biocides have to either be located in the EU or have an appointed EU-based representative to be listed in the Article 95 list of substances and suppliers. Non-EU companies are included together with their appointed EU representatives. Since 2007, B-Lands Consulting (EU VAT ID: FR 04494487341) provides consultancy and solutions designed to help worldwide organisations comply with Global Regulations. Get in touch with our staff for inquiries or immediate assistance. Our headquarters are based in Grenoble, France.
4 Customs clearance and easing the mouvements of goods at the UK-EU border The Brexit Team is a special branch of customs and international trade consultancy service. Providing a comprehensive range of customs related services, The Team advises both large multi-nationals and small and medium sized companies across a range of industry sectors. A range of customs services and brexit resources carried forward in parts through local business partners.
Brexit Regulatory Support on Chemicals
Brexit Regulatory Support on Chemicals
Meeting Compliance Requirements on Substances and Products
Scope: UK, EU and World



¤ CLP Labelling

¤ MDS, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Authoring

¤ Biocides Registration

¤ Cosmetics Registration

¤ SVHC Compliance

¤ China REACH

¤ Korea REACH

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