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The Brexit Team
Brexit Support – UK, EU & World

The TEAM is a special branch of customs and international trade consultancy service. Staffed by B-Lands Consulting (EU VAT ID: FR 04494487341), a global regulatory service provider, with headquarters in France since 2007.

Providing a comprehensive range of customs related services, The Team advises both large multi-nationals and small and medium sized companies across a range of industry sectors.

Seasoned experts are keeping abreast with the latest evolutions underlying UK’s ongoing relationship with the European Union.

Most importantly, we assist businesses addressing the impact of Brexit on trade and commerce.

Providing in the process, effective point to point robust trade solutions or transitional workarounds.

Indeed, on a very loose schedule, we publish expert comments, explainers and baseline analysis via our Newsletter.

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When time is of the essence...
Within the shortest possible delays
With more than 10 years of experience in the régulatory industry, our services are provided speedy and effectively in accordance with the target legislations and rules of procédures; as well as the rules within that govern the handling of business confidential informations.