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MOST NEEDED BREXIT Services - Through the transition period and beyond

Essential services to smooth the impact of BREXIT, the biggest disruption to business in a generation and affecting all industries and sectors.
Brexit Quick-Service Set
Consultancy Services on Brexit
Brexit Consultancy Services
With respect to regulatory Matters & Customs Declarations

Our consultancy services include:

- Import/Export company procedures overhaul

- Online assistance in fill-in goods movement declarations into Customs IT systems

- Regulatory impact of BREXIT on chemicals trading

- Products and chemical substances assessment

- Supply chain brexit resources assessment

Services Portfolio...
EU Based Only Representative
Appointing a REACH Only Representative
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B-Lands Consulting Ltd
Central Chambers 45-47 Albert Street
Rugby, Warwickshire CV21 2SG, UK

E-mail: services@reachteam.uk

B-Lands Consulting
27 Rue Pierre Semard
38000 Grenoble, France

E-mail: services@reachteam.eu

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UK REACH Compliance Service
UK REACH Compliance Service (GB, NI)

Our UK REACH service portfolio include:

- Products, or chemicals assessment

- Acting as legal UK-REACH representative

- Grandfathering registration

- Downstream user import notification (DUIN)

- REACH registration

- Safety data sheets authoring

- Supply chain management (Regulatory level)

EU REACH Compliance Service
EU-27 REACH Compliance Service

Our EU REACH service portfolio include:

- Products, or chemicals assessment

- Acting as legal EU-REACH representative

- Substance inquiry

- Analytical testing

- REACH registration / Autorisation

- Legal administrative changes process

- Disputes resolutions

- Safety data sheets authoring

- Supply chain management (Regulatory level)

Safety Data Sheet Authoring Service
Safety Data Sheet Authoring
Safety Data Sheet Generation

Our MSDS / SDS authoring service include:

- Multilanguage Authoring of Safety Data Sheets (SDS / MSDS)

- Authoring of Extended Safety Data Sheets (eSDS)

- Multilanguage Generation / Printing of Product Labels

- Translations or Updating of Existing MSDS and Obsolete Product Labels

CLP Compliance Service
CLP Compliance Service
CLP: Classification, Labelling Authoring

CLP services include:

- CLP Administrative and Helpdesk

- Substance Classification

- Substance Notification

- Consolidated CLP regulation monitoring (Alerts)

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Biocides Compliance
Biocides Compliance
Biocidal Products - BPR

Biocidal products compliance services include:

- Acting as Third Party Representative

- Single contact point process across multiple EU States

- Status verification for all active substances

- Generation of new active substance approval dossier

- Generation of biocidal product dossier for National and Union Authorisation

- Generation of biocidal product dossier for Mutual recognition of an authorisation

- Submission of applications via R4BP portal and follow-up of the dossier

- Submission of applications for authorisation

- Post submission support

- Generation of biocidal products safety data sheets and labelling.

Cosmetics Compliance
Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products compliance services include:

- Product portfolio pre-assessment

- Review of product formulations

- Review of product labels

- Notification of Cosmetic Product [Article 13]

- Authoring of a Product Information File [Article 11]

- Make available Checklists and templates for Product Information File (PIF) building

- Collect of testing data

- Regulatory check and the safety assessment

- Generation of Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)

- Issuing of the regulatory content briefs

- Review of regulatory content briefs for labels and claims

- Notification of products via the EU CPNP.

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Cosmetics Compliance
Achieving Full Compliance
Other Regulatory Services
Across the Globe

Additional regualtory services include:

- SVHC Compliance

- SCIP Notifications

- Korea REACH

- Turkish REACH (KKDIK)

- China REACH

- China Cosmetics

- UN GHS - ...

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